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Il vostro partner per macchine usate

FISS è una delle aziende leader per la commercializzazione, il collocamento e la vendita di macchine ed impianti usati per il settore fonderia e tecnica di formatura. I nostri punti di forza comprendono 30 anni di esperienza, soluzioni a 360° ed individuali come anche una rete di contatti a livello mondiale.


Il tuo specialista dell'usato
impianti e macchine di fonderia!
Smontaggio e trasferimento
Ci occupiamo dell'intera pianificazione, dello smontaggio, della logistica, della ricostruzione fino alla messa in funzione.
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Organizziamo per voi il trasporto professionale e l'esportazione di macchine e interi impianti di fonderia.
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Approfittate dei nostri 30 anni di esperienza nel campo della tecnologia della pressofusione e lasciate che vi aiutiamo a trovare la macchina giusta. Vi forniremo un'offerta individuale che si basa interamente sulle vostre esigenze.

Vi offriamo:

Macchine per pressofusione a camera fredda

Sono prevalentemente usate per la lavorazione di leghe in alluminio e magnesio con punto di fusione maggiore in un sistema di pressione orizzontale o verticale. Il kit di getto  è  composto da camera di pressione con pistone e si trova al di fuori della fusione.

Macchine per pressofusione a camera calda

Permettono il getto di leghe in zinco, stagno, piombo e magnesio. Sia il contenitore di getto che il pistono restanto sempre nella fusione.

Furnaces and melting technology

They are suitable for remelting, holding and dosing non-ferrous-alloys and aluminum-recycling.

Gravity die casting machines

Those machines are used for producing casting moulds whereat the mould will be filled with liquid metal because of the gravity.

Core shooting machines

They serve for producing sand cores, which can be used as hollow mould for cast parts in the afterwards casting process.

Extrusion presses

Extrusion is used for producing profiles, essentially made of aluminum and aluminum-alloys. The manufacturing process is described as forming – a common term is extrusion.

Low pressure die casting machines

Those machines apply a casting process whereat the melt is pressed from the bottom to the mould via a riser tube. Mainly aluminum-, but also magnesium- and brass-alloys are used.

Presses and stamping machines

They are used for forming, cutting and pressing of thin-walled metal parts, bands and plates.

FISS-MACHINES - used machines and equipments

You are in search of second-hand production facilities for foundry and metal working? Or maybe you would like to sell such machines? With FISS you found your qualified partner!

With our expertise concerning machines and facilities of well-known producers as well as suitable auxiliary equipment for modern foundry technology, we are a competent connector between providers and prospective buyers of this industry.

Our services for you:

  • Selling second-hand production facilities and machines
  • Purchase of second-hand production facilities for foundry
  • Distribution of new auxiliary equipment
  • Full-service: individual planning, dismantling used machinery, assembly at the new location, implementing and training

Selling second-hand foundry plants

If you are interested in second-hand foundry plants we offer a steadily well-assorted range of various manufacturing facilities, machines and auxiliary equipment. Though or range is not limited to the presented machines. For the case you need special machines or equipment, please use our query: We make a find for you and arrange a fair price for your company.

We buy your second-hand foundry plants

We value various manufacturing plants by their conditions and their possible re-use and form an attractive quotation. Please get in touch with us – we are always in search of manufacturing facilities in operative condition which we can resell to our interested parties.

Foundry attachments and peripheral devices

Every foundry plant needs an accurate peripheral technique, including metal loader, spraying machines, foundry robots and trimming presses as well as for example control technology or weight sensing devices for hot-chamber die casting machines. We offer well-tried techniques or suitable second-hand facilities which fit perfectly to your manufacturing plants. With our expertise and a permanent workforce of highly qualified engineers we are predestinated to fulfill your special wishes.

Full-service for foundry plants

We are not only specialized in purchasing and selling manufacturing plants for foundries and the accurately fitting of peripheral technique. Moreover we offer a full-service which suits your requirements. Dismantling of used facilities, evacuation, partly or general overhaul and resetting the facilities at the new location and handing over in an operable condition – our service contains all these points. Of course your wishes and visions have priority at all times.

FISS-Machines is looking forward to hear from you.

Your special partner concerning foundry plants and machines!